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I came to Australia with no idea what to expect!
Stephen Palmer / date
What if there was a blog that taught me everything I needed to know before moving to Australia?

Like how the heck do I do regional work? : No problem 

What will I expect when I move to Australia?: Yup

Can I connect with other Irish in Australia?: Gotcha' covered.

Contrary to what you might think moving to Australia is not an easy process. I learnt the hard way and that is how this blog was formed.
I didn't want anyone else to go through the same problems I did. 
As I travelled around Australia on my working holiday visa I published a lot of useful guides that just didn't exist online.
The site has had over 5+ website million visits since then and helped 1000's of Irish people moving to Australia. 
It has been amazing to watch it grow as I travelled and worked around Australia. In October 2014 I finally took the leap and quit my 9 - 5 office job to work on this blog. I have never looked back and appreciate everybody I have helped along the way. 
So if it is your first time here or you are a regular visitor, thank you! 
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