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Welcome To Irish Around Oz – The Website For Irish People Moving To Australia

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So you are an Irish person moving to Australia? Well, welcome, mate! Thank you for stopping by my website! I’ve created everything anyone would need to move to Australia. From Facebook communities to essential resources and services you need in Australia. Pop over to my blog here or learn more about me below.

What is this Irish Around Oz all about?

Stephen Palmer founder of Irish Around Oz

You probably heard about the myth, the legend that is Irish Around Oz? Nah? Well, I am glad you decided to stop by. You see, just like you, I moved to Australia with little to no idea what to expect! Part of me was hoping it would be like a home-and-away set, but when I rocked up in Perth in 2013, I quickly realized how far from the truth it was.

After leaving Cork in Ireland on a working holiday visa, I quickly realized that there were no resources for Irish people moving to Australia! 

So, I set up this very blog you are reading! A few years later, it has helped not only Irish people move but hundreds of thousands of others just like you who were making a move to Australia. In fact, the blog has had over 20 million visits since I started. Woah😲

So, if you are making a move to Australia, then join my exclusive and completely free email list below. I will send you a couple of emails with all the resources and tools you need to make a move! And no spam ever!!

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My Facebook communities ✈️🤩

So you are moving to Australia and looking for an online community that can help you with the millions of questions you might have? Well, lucky for you, I created pretty much every single group you will need to make a move to Australia.

Starting in Sydney and going all the way back to Perth. They are now run by an epic community of moderators who help keep it spam-free.

Feel free to join any or all the groups that you need. See you there, mate!🦘 🍻

Facebook groups for moving to Australia:

My main page Irish Around Oz; give me a like for updates

Essential services you will need in Australia😏🌞

Essential services you will need in Australia

Over the years, I have used and recommended several products, services and companies in Australia…

Some were great; some were not, but what I do have is a particular set of skills… skills I have acquired over a very long career…


Woah, sorry, I went off track there, but what I do have is exclusive Irish Around Oz discounts and savings for you on these services.

They also have been used by thousands of other readers just like you.

Here you go:

  1. 💰OFX – Hands down the best money transfer company for larger transfers >$5k; you get a dedicated broker and an exclusive rate with Irish Around Oz. Sign up here to also reserve free transfers for life!
  2. Currencyfair, Wise(previously Transferwise) – Used by everyone, including myself, uses these. They are a million times better than using your bank or PayPal to send money to Australia(or the other way around). Get ten free transfers with Currencyfair here and your first €500 transfer for free here with Wise.
  3. Shipping: Got too much stuff? Send it home or to Australia in a few days, door to door, 5% off. Send my bag here at
  4. Palmer’s relocations – Get $100 off with Palmer’s relocations. They have no relation to me, but they have been helping people move to and from Australia for over 40 years!
  5. 🩺🚑Travel insurance: True Traveller – well worth getting some, and you can get it even if you are already travelling! Our reciprocal health agreement does not cover everything, including Bali, haha.
    Worldnomads – Another brilliant travel insurance company. Great for those who are visiting a few countries.
  6. 🤗True blue migration: My visa partners for many years now! Free visa assessment with them here:
  7. Need a Student Visa? Or perhaps you want to stay in Australia longer and study? Well, I can’t recommend Study Destination any higher. Get a free consultation here. 

There are plenty of other things that you might not have thought about, and my very first article on this blog was 50 things you learn when you first move to Australia; give it a read here.

Job board for Irish people moving to Australia

Maybe you are looking to hire a person in Australia, or perhaps you are looking for a job in Australia. Well, that is why I created my exclusive job board. For any published job listing, I also share them straight away to all relevant Facebook pages and groups for free!

You can visit the job board here. Or, if you are a company and want to learn more about how to post, read this article.

Articles you need to read 🦘👀

15 Things You Need To Know About A Working Holiday Visa In Australia FB2 (1)

See you on Bondi Beach soon? 👀

These are from a mix of my main site Irish Around Oz and Sunset Travellers.

Read any or all posts that you like, and have a great day!

Australia map in comparison to Europe

Australia is not that big. haha

Also, if anyone tells you that Australia is not that big, this small picture puts everything into perspective!

  1. 60 Things you need to know before moving to Australia(my first article ever, but since updated over 50 times, haha)
  2. 100 Things you need to know before moving to Australia Sunset Travellers – not the same post but many similarities. This was written from a couple’s perspective and had a few extra tips.
  3. Money transfer guide – Don’t make the mistake of sending money to your bank. It is a rip-off!
  4. Best travel insurance for Australia – Even with a reciprocal health agreement, I still recommend getting some travel insurance.
  5. My job board for Australia – There are typically a few posts every month, but worth checking in now and then.
  6. 15 mistakes you shouldn’t make on a working holiday visa
  7. 7 Visa options to stay in Australia longer – The time goes quickly
  8. 21 Things they don’t tell you when moving to Australia – Snakes
  9. Perth to Melbourne ultimate road trip – This was a fun one!
  10. East Coast of Australia travel guide – Gotta love the East Coast

Moving to Australia resources

Want to speak to me?

You can email me directly at [email protected]. I usually reply within 24 hours, although Sunday sesh dependent, haha.

All the best,

Stephen Palmer

P.S. Don’t forget to join my free moving to Australia email list here.


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