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Every Facebook Group For Irish People In Australia Plus Support Websites

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Are you looking for Facebook groups for Irish in Oz? I have put this list together of every single Facebook group, related to moving to Oz and Irish people in Australia. 

How did the Irish Facebook group start? Well back when I started Irish Around Oz in 2013, I went on a bit of a Facebook group growing spree haha. 

I started with Irish Around Sydney, then Irish Around Melbourne and before I knew it I was managing 20+ groups with a combined 100k+ members across them. 

Thankfully many active members volunteered to help moderate the groups(thank you guys and girls!).

In addition to these Facebook groups for Irish people in Australia, there are also related pages which are managed in many cases by admins in the area.

Make sure you join the Facebook group and not the Facebook page, as I moved everyone to groups at some stage in 2014. 

Please note if you do message any of the pages privately they will not reply. All messages and posts are being directed to the Facebook groups.

Every Facebook Group for Irish people in Australia:

Sunrise in Sydney harbour

Ah, Sydney! What a place

These are my managed Facebook groups. Often run by admins in the local area or independently by myself.

For more resources and savings on services in Australia visit my resources page.

Irish Around Sydney – The group that started them all! While I doubt there are 77K Irish people living in Sydney, there are over 77K members haha. This group has been a life saver for so many Irish in Australia. The group gets incredible 85’000 interactions and comments every month! There are about 10 moderators at this stage, haha. So if you don’t get a response from a moderator straight away, that is probably the reason. 

Irish Around Melbourne – I moved to Melbourne late 2014 and was shocked there was no Facebook group for us in Melbourne. So I created one, some say this is the best group but I will leave it up to you to decide. With over 30k+ members, it is a great group to be in if you are an Irish person living in Melbourne.     

Irish Around Oz – This is a general group for Irish people living in Australia, you can post pretty much anything related to life in Australia here. 

Irish Around Brisbane – Living in Brisbane? This is the place to be. 

Irish Around Perth  – A popular group for any Irish in or around Perth

Irish Around Canberra 

Irish People moving to New Zealand  – I made some attempt at creating a group for Irish in NZ but it seems the community there is a bit more spread out. Still, a handy group that has been getting a bit more traction recently. 

Irish Moving to Australia in 2019 – I wanted to have a group just for Irish people making the move in 2019! Of course, if you are moving in 2020 I still recommend this group.

Lots of supportive people already in it.

Also if you are making a move read 60 things to know before moving to Australia, 101 things to know before moving to Australia(another great site), cheapest way to send money to Australia from Ireland, why you need travel insurance in Australia, things Google doesn’t tell you about moving to Australia and more here.

What to expect as an Irish person living in Australia.

Perfectly safe to swim in.

Irish Around Adelaide

Irish Around Darwin – If you are up in the NT this group is for you; there is a great admin who is managing the group up there. 

Irish Around Gold Coast

Irish Around The Sunshine Coast

Irish expats returning to Ireland. – Group for Irish people returning to Ireland from abroad. Over 16k members now! If you are moving home to Ireland at some stage, be sure to join this group. You can also read 19 thoughts on what it is like to move back to Ireland, what to do when you are leaving Australia forever, how to claim your superannuation back and of course Australian tax back guide.

Irish expats returning to Ireland job board – a job board for Irish heading home. 

Other Facebook groups for Irish people in Australia:

These groups are not mine but have been created by other Irish people living in Australia. Great to see these communities created. 

Irish Families in WA

Irish Families In Perth 

Irish Families in Melbourne

Irish People Living In Australia

Australia’s Irish Community

Irish Echo Australia

NT Irish Association Darwin 

Adelaide Irish Connect 

Young Irish In Adelaide 

Irish Mums In Adelaide

Adelaide Irish Business Directory

Lansdowne Club – Headquartered in Sydney, it is an Irish Business Network and has been around since 1986. Great Irish contacts network.

Moving to Australia – Not an Irish group, but useful info.

Support groups for Irish in Australia:

I also wanted to mention about support groups mainly for Irish people in Australia. These are incredible services and are doing a fantastic job! – Free online counselling service for Irish Abroad, read featured article here

Irish Australian Support Association of Qld Inc (IASAQ) – Sydney

Irish Australian Support Association of Queensland – Brisbane


Irish Support Agency NSW

Irish Australian Support And Research Bureau

Crosscare Migrant Project – Dublin

Mind How You Go – Aimed at supporting recent Irish emigrants to stay mentally healthy.

Helplink, an Irish based charity, provides a minimum of 6 free online counselling appointments for Irish people living abroad. The service is now also available for those who are returning to Ireland as well. 

Appointments for returning Irish emigrants (within 3 months of return) are through self-referral to Helplink ( or through their referral partners. 
Crosscare Migrant Project, Safe Home Ireland and the Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas. 
Go to for more information and to book an appointment or ask your local Embassy, Consulate or Irish support service about us! 

Resources for moving or living in Australia:

These are some of the best companies I have used and many members regularly recommend. Many have additional discounts which you can avail of. 

Full list of resources including Facebook groups and support pages on my resources page here.

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Free transfers for life over $100 with OFX via this link

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True Traveller – Great long term travel insurance

5% off Send My Bag via this link

$25 off shipping with Seven Seas Worldwide move cube via this link

$76 Airbnb credit on your first stay via this link

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Amazing car rental prices with Drive Away with this link.

Claim your super or tax back with via this link

Post a job for 30 days for $30 on our new job board for Irish in Oz.

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Top articles to read for moving to Australia:

Most popular and requested articles on the blog:

Get a quote for a flight from Australia to Ireland/UK

Regional work guide Australia 

Cheapest way to send money from Ireland to Australia(or the other way round)

Shipping guide from Australia to Ireland

Best way to ship a bag to or from Oz

Working holiday visa guide 

Tax back guide 

Superannuation guide

All Facebook groups for Irish people in Australia

Resources for moving to Australia

Okay, I feel you have more than enough links to get you through the day haha. 

I will be adding and modifying this page and updating it with any new Facebook groups or support groups that come in.

If you would like me to add something to this please email me at [email protected]

I am sure you will agree that the above Facebook groups for Irish people in Australia are incredibly useful.

Be sure to share this article with your fellow countrymen 😉

Thanks for reading and enjoy Australia! 

Stephen Palmer

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