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21 Things People Don’t Tell You Before Moving To Australia

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Irish Around Oz is approaching two years in business and below are some 21 things that we certainly weren’t told when we first came to Oz!Welcome to australia


Australia is not always sunny and 30 degrees! In fact, it even gets really cold! Really really COLD!

  1. Australia doesn’t really look like Home and Away(well except for Palm beach)
  2. It’s cool to walk around shopping centers barefoot
  3. Whoever said you only need shorts, vests and flip-flops clearly hasn’t been to Melbourne in the winter!Moving to Australia
  4. A suitcase is WAY more convenient than a backpack!
  5. Coffee in Australia is unreal!
  6. Australia is SO big. SO SO BIG! We still underestimate it.Moving to Australia
  7. Expect to see a ton of thunderstorms, probably a LOT more than you will see in your lifetime in Ireland or anywhere in Europe
  8. You will find yourself saying “Yea Nah”, “No Worries” and a host of new phrases everyday and not be able to stop it.
  9. After a few months, you will get extremely homesick. This will soon pass until around the 1-year mark or at Christmas time, when you will probably get homesick again.Moving To Australia
  10. In 2 years I haven’t seen a single Fosters drank anywhere in Australia!
  11. Australian roads and their signage are unreal! Even in the middle of Australia!
  12. At some stage, you will be exposed to Goon, which is basically a very cheap box of wine commonly associated with backpackers. Enjoy and good luck remembering the night!
  13. Every single thing in Australia can kill you, but strangely, you just get over it.
    Just a normal Monday
  14. Calling home is a disaster, whether you’re doing it late at night or early in the morning.
  15. If you like European sport of any kind, you can look forward to either waking up at 2 am or watching it early in the morning with the time difference.
  16. You will probably get smacked in the head by an Asian with a selfie stick at any major tourist attraction.
  17. Everyone drinks on a Sunday! It’s called a Sunday Session.
  18. Having a beer on Friday in your workplace is a common occurrence.
  19. There is a fecking big hole in the ozone layer right above Australia, so it’s super easy to get burnt:☹️
  20. There is a McDonald’s(AKA Macca’s) everywhere! Burgerking is pretty much just called Hungry Jacks in Australia.

There is way, way more! Leave below some things that people didn’t tell you before moving to Australia, and we might put them together into a bigger article. Thanks for reading! Sláinte

Ah go on, give it a share!