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Our Exclusive Facebook Groups For Irish Around Oz

Ah go on, give it a share!

Our Exclusive Facebook Groups For Irish Around Oz

As many of you might know we have moved a lot of our pages to groups now. Previously we had posted anonymous messages for people who PM’ed the pages.

This worked great except when we were getting over 200+ messages a day across all of our pages and it became too much to manage.

Then Facebook decided to update their algorithm and not show half of the posts even if you had clicked “Show in news feed”.

We then decided to create groups for every page(some are coming soon). These grew very slowly at first but now are getting 10 – 20+ new requests to join per day.

The reason we moved the pages to groups was people can post themselves directly to the groups when they want and Facebook doesn’t hide posts on your news feed!

The pages are still there, and we will be using them occasionally to drive people to the new groups. The other problem is even if we post a post telling people about the group, then, Facebook doesn’t show it to people because they think it is over-promotional (Ironic).

This is the reason for this article: to let you know about our new Facebook groups and link to them so you can connect with other Irish people living in Australia.

We have also included some other groups we find very useful below. If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments below.

Also, if you are wondering, what the hell is a group? It is essentially a forum on Facebook. All of our groups are closed, which means only members can see the posts. We look forward to seeing you in a group near you. P.S we will be creating new groups depending on demand.

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Irish Around Oz Facebook Groups:

They all can be found by just hitting search in Facebook or clicking below

Irish Around Sydney

Irish Around Melbourne

Irish Around Oz(New)

Irish Around Brisbane

Irish Around Perth

NEW Irish Around Canberra 

Irish Around Adelaide(Coming Soon)

Irish Around Darwin(Coming Soon)

Irish Around Gold Coast

Irish Around The Sunshine Coast(NEW!)

Other useful groups and pages: 

Irish Families in WA

Irish Families in Melbourne

Irish People Living In Australia – Facebook page

Australia’s Irish Community – Facebook page

Irish Echo Australia – Facebook page

Adelaide Irish Connect 

Young Irish In Adelaide 

Irish Mums In Adelaide

Adelaide Irish Business Directory (Thanks for the Adelaide groups Fidelma)

Lansdowne Club – Headquartered in Sydney, it is an Irish Business Network, and has been around since 1986. Great Irish contacts network

There is lot more but these are the most notable ones. Hope you find the groups useful and if you have then please share this post with friends or family in Oz.

Thanks everyone! Any other groups just leave them in the comments below.

Ah go on, give it a share!