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17 Signs That You WISH You Were Still In Australia

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Many of us come to Australia and love it, often we stay for 1, 2, 3+ years, and it is a fantastic place!

If you have returned home here are some signs that you wish you were still in Australia

17 Signs That You WISH You Were Still In Australia17 Signs That You WISH You Were Still In Australia

  1. You keep saying “No worries” even though you’ve been home for months.
  2. You are amazed that people aren’t wearing sun cream on sunny days.
  3. You are surprised that a beer cost less than a tenner.
  4. Sunday sessions aren’t the same.. in fact there are no Sunday sessions.
  5. You realise Australian WiFi sucks in comparison to Europe.
  6. It rains… oh why does it rain so much..
  7. What do you mean you don’t drink GOON? You don’t know what GOON is!?
  8. On sunny days your confused why your seat belt doesn’t burn you.
  9. Your friend screams at the sight of a spider.. You reply with “Pff that’s nothing compared to ones you’ll find in Oz”
  10. Swimming in the ocean is much easier now that there are no sharks….
  11. You are sick of replying to “Sure why did you come back home so?”
  12. My visa is expiring in … oh wait I don’t have to worry anymore 🙂 
  13. You take out €200 on a night out and amazed when you wake up with half of it still in your pocket.
  14. Americanos and Cappuccinos.. can’t I just have long black or flat white.. and why doesn’t it taste as good!?
  15. Going on a road trip talks wayyyy less time to get there.
  16. Oh ya… I forgot how cold Christmas was!
  17. I’m going to earn how much an hour now?


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