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Amazing Poem By An Irish Expat In Australia – Missing You

Ah go on, give it a share!

We get a LOT of messages on our main Facebook page  Irish Around Oz and yesterday we received this great poem from one of our followers. Similarly if you have anything you would like to share with the Irish community in Australia PM us or drop us an email on our contact us page.

Below is the message we received and of course his poem.

Would you post a poem for me.
It’s about living away and the struggles at home after the ( GFC ).
I’m just starting out and I’d like some feed back.
Go raibh mile Maith agat

Brian j Curran

Missing You

The lights of Dublin seem so far away,
Glowing dimmer day by day.
I left home to see far off lands,
beautiful islands and golden sands.

Eight years now since my departure,
And the lights of Dublin seem even further.
We travel this country following the boom,
worlds away from Ireland’s gloom.

No work today Christy said,
As the youth of Ireland lay in their beds.
The pubs are empty, the shops are shut,
People are broke and stuck in a rut.

Those people in the banks and in the dail,
you raped the country and watched it fall.
Driven by money, corruption and greed,
You took the life from the country and watched it bleed.
There’s nothing left, there’s nothing there,only drugs and suicide, gloom and despair.

The lights of Dublin seem so far away
Getting further day by day.
As the sun burns my skin and the sweat stings my eyes,
Covered in dust and tormented with flies,
I think of my family a life time away,
Maybe one day il return to stay.

By Brian j Curran

Personally we think it is excellent what do you guys think?

An Irish guy from Perth actually read this poem today and decided to record it, makes it resonate even more, have a watch below!

Ah go on, give it a share!