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5 Travel Problems Every Irish Girl Can Relate To

Ah go on, give it a share!

5 Irish Girl Problems we face when travelling abroad:

1. That’s not my name!

Nobody can pronounce our names. My name is Megan, in Australia I mostly got called Meegan or Maygan :/. In Japan I was mistakenly called Maggot :/. My friend Siobhan got called Sigh-o-ban and I’ve met a Mairead that got called Mermaid. To all the Niamhs, Aoifes and Sineads out there I know how it feels sisters.

2. What was that now?

Go to an English-speaking country, still language barriers :P. I got looked at as if I had 10 heads when I asked if the red sauce was in the press. Apparently its ‘ketchup’ and ‘cupboard’. Who knew 😛

3. We over pack!

In hostels the girlos with the biggest and heaviest suitcases are always Irish. German girls have the smallest (always efficient). All that hogging upstairs, dragging and lifting is such a pain. If you befriend an Irish girl on your travels you will feel that you have won the lotto. Irish girls pack everything from teabags, Sally Hansen or she will have old Fr. Ted episodes on her hard drive :).

4. No I am not a leprechaun!

No I am not a leprechaun, I don’t drink whiskey and no I cannot drink any man under a table because I am Irish.

5. Life’s a beach

We hit the beach rocking our Penneys bikini’s only to return freckled, burnt and boiling. We also have managed to get sand absolutely everywhere. As we notice all our foreign sisters look on perfectly tanned and with sand nowhere to be seen, how do they do that?

Ah go on, give it a share!