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11 Irish Foods You Miss From Back Home!

Ah go on, give it a share!

Of course you can buy all of these over here but you will find the price is 200 – 300% more expensive. Then again so is everything here. This is just a small list to remind you of a few things you will miss from back home.  Enjoy this list of yummy Irish foods you will miss! 

*Warning these will make your mouth water! 🙂

    1.  Crisp sandwiches – Add a bit of butter and your laughingYummy chrisp sandwhichs
    2. Breakfast rolls! – Why can’t you have a breakfast in a roll in every country it just makes sense!Breakfast Roll's From Ireland
    3. Chips Cheese, Curry + Garlic – After a night out these are the best combinations ever!Chips Cheese And Curry From The Local chinese
    4. 4 in 1/3 in 1 from the local Chinese takeaway– How can you go wrong with some rice, chips, and curry!

  1. Tayto’s – There is simply no better packet of crisps out there!Tayto Chrisps
  2.  Red Lemonade – Not everyone’s  favourite but does remind you of Ireland! Trying to explain Red Lemonade to someone outside of Ireland is quite challenging. (Also Cidona, TK lemonade, Club orange!Irish Foods
  3.  Coddle(Dublin dish mainly) – Explaining to a non-Irish person that you boil sausages and rashers for a type of stew is pretty funny. Just watch those faces.
  4.  A good home cooked stew!
  5. Pint of Bulmers on a rare summers day in the beer garden! Irish Food
  6.  Barry’s Tea – 200% better than the Australian equivalent( No offence Australia 🙂 )Irish Tea Barrys
  7. Hot Chicken Roll! – Oh how we miss these – We decided not to put an image up, we don’t want to overload your taste buds! 😀

Additionally as suggest by our Facebook fans! 

  • Kimberley biscuits & KP brown sauce!

Ah go on, give it a share!