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Traditional Irish Chip Shop Attracting Hordes Of Customers In Bondi

Traditional Irish Chip Shop Attracting Hordes Of Customers In Bondi January 22, 2015

Irish Chip Shop Attracting Hordes of Customers in Bondi

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The Irish community in Australia’s Bondi suburb now has a reason to celebrate. For those who are craving the taste of food from a traditional Irish chip shop, The Traditional Chip Shop is making some noise for attracting the attention of dozens of people since it opened its doors in October last year.

Owned by Meath-man Will Dolan and his wife Suzanne, the Traditional Chip Shop is said to be trouncing the competition, thanks to its scrumptious offerings. Having worked as chippers back home, Clare Doland, Will’s sister and manager of the shop, said opening up the shop is something that she and her brother have been dreaming about for a long time. Will arrived in Australia in 1998 and Clare in 2009. Since then, the family has been working hard to make this dream a reality.

And the secret to the chip shop’s popularity? Hard work, getting the flavours right, and the use of the best ingredients. “We sell cod and haddock, which are imported from the north Atlantic. All our soft drinks are also imported from Britain and Ireland,” Clare explained.

Irish Chip Shop Attracting Hordes of Customers in Bondi

The ingredients the shop use are fresh. The fish is frozen and packed on board the ship within five hours of being caught before being sent to Sydney. The Frozen at Sea Fillets, which works with more than 80% of British fish and chip shops, supplies fish to the Traditional Chip Shop.

Aside from the traditional chips, the shop also offers meat dishes that include burgers, sausages, beef and Guinness pies, and steak and kidney pudding. These dishes are said to be “replicated” from traditional Irish and British recipes by butchers and bakers on the Gold Coast.

Also included in the shop’s menu are haggis, deep-fried Mars Bar, and something called Paul’s Jammy Wotsit. But the most favourite amongst the patrons of The Traditional Chip Shop so far is the Irish classic “battered sausage.”

The owners and the rest of the staff of The Traditional Chip Shop are certainly ecstatic with the attention and excellent response they are receiving. “It’s been amazing. We’ve been overwhelmed with the number of people who have come through the door. It’s been fantastic,” Clare said.

With the success that the shop is currently enjoying, the Dolans said they are looking to expand the business in other states. Clare revealed that they are even planning to open up a chip shop in every Australian capital city.

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