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Tips For Those Who Want To Get An Australian 1-Year Working Holiday Visa

Tips For Those Who Want To Get An Australian 1-Year Working Holiday Visa March 30, 2015

Working Holiday Visa

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Are you considering travelling to Australia on a one year working holiday visa? Here is some key information applicants should know when applying for an Australian visa.

Tax File Number

To be able to start work immediately in Australia, all Irish emigrants are required to get a Tax File Number or TFN. This will also help them save money as it allows them to pay taxes at the normal rate of 29% instead of the emergency tax rate of 48%.

Australian Bank Account

Applicants are also encouraged to get an Australian bank account before they travel to Australia. Once they do, the bank will waive the monthly maintenance fee for the year, allowing them to save up to $72. It provides them with maximum convenience, too. They can transfer money before their departure and their ATM or debit card will be waiting for them in their local branch upon their arrival.

Australian SIM Card

Staying in contact with friends and family back home is one of the remedies for homesickness. As such, “>visa applicants should also get their Australian mobile number before they leave. This way, they can give it to their friends and loved ones before they travel to Oz.

1 Year Backpacker Travel Insurance

According to the Australian Department of Immigrations, all working holiday visa holders must purchase adequate travel insurance for their stay. So in case they are involved in an accident or any unfortunate situation, the travel insurance will provide coverage for their medical expenses.

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Meanwhile, to be eligible for an Australian one-year working holiday visa, all visa applicants must:

Be between the ages of 18 and 30 at the time of the application.

    • Your visa must be granted before you turn 31.
    • Have no dependent children accompanying you to Australia.
    • Have not previously entered Australia on a Working Holiday visa (on a passport of any country).
    • Meet health and character requirements.
    • Be outside Australia at the time of visa grant.
    • Hold a valid passport.
    • Be applying for no more than 12 months before you intend to travel to Australia.

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