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The Sun Came Out In Ireland Recently And Twitter Exploded!

The Sun Came Out In Ireland Recently And Twitter Exploded! April 7, 2015

he Best Irish Tweets To The Sun Coming Out

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The Irish are very much used to gloomy and rainy weather all throughout the year. So when the Emerald Isle was greeted by lots of sunshine, which is enough to rival the sunshine hot spots of Malta, Rhodes, and Malaga, over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, many people are genuinely surprised and ecstatic.

Temperatures across the country soared to a balmy 17 degrees Celsius, which is significantly above the average temperature for this time of year. And it looks like Ireland will continue to enjoy this fine weather as forecasters announced that the Irish have another three days of glorious sunshine to bask in.

Enjoying the excellent weather, a huge part of the Irish populace took to Twitter to express their delight and surprise. Here are some of the best Irish reactions regarding the fine weather.


Some found it difficult to accept that they couldn’t mock their home country just for one day:









While others just simply lost their mind:








Some are just grateful for the great weather:








There are also those who are in panic mode:








While some are left wondering if it’s “legs out season” yet:








The Irish mammies also came out:








Some are worried about the poor Easter eggs:




















Some thought of celebrating with a pint:








Someone spared a thought for the redheads:






And of course, there are those who don’t give a damn:








Claire Healy – www.irishmirror.ie

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