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Online Resources For Backpackers Who Want To Find Jobs In Australia

Online Resources For Backpackers Who Want To Find Jobs In Australia April 1, 2015

Online Resources

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Are you planning to travel to Australia on a one-year working holiday visa? If you are, it is very important that you know how to find job opportunities in the country upon your arrival. Fortunately, there are companies and websites that make it much easier for backpackers and working holiday visa holders to find employment in the Land Down Under.

Job Search Australia

Job Search Australia is the job arm of Base Backpackers. With offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Cairns, they are experts at helping backpackers find jobs in a wide range of industries. You can learn more about their services at

The Job Shop

If you’re interested in securing a second year visa, one way to achieve your goal is to find work in regional areas. Fortunately, folks at The Job Shop ( specialise in helping working holiday makers find regional work, which is mostly based in Western Australia. You can visit their Facebook page to see the types of work they have placed for people in the past.

Travellers at Work (TAW)

Throughout the years, TAW ( has helped dozens of working holidaymakers find work in Australia. Like The Job Shop, this Sydney-based agency heavily focuses on assisting backpackers find work in regional areas that fits the criteria for applying a second year working holiday visa.

Fruit Picking Jobs/Working Holiday Jobs

Fruit Picking Jobs ( and Working Holiday Jobs ( are two of the most popular websites for finding work in Australia while on a working holiday visa. Both of these sites cover fruit-picking and farm jobs, as well as city-focused roles. They also have Facebook pages where people who have had bad experiences with regional work share their stories to warn fellow backpackers.

Happy Travels

While it is mostly a travel agency with travel shops in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, and other locations, Happy Travels ( also has a help desk for backpackers who want to find work. As a matter of fact, dozens of backpackers were able to find job opportunities in Cairns’ hospitality sector every year, thanks to the assistance provided by Happy Travels.

The Job Shack

The job division of Youth Shack Backpackers in Darwin, the Job Shack ( specialises in helping backpackers find work in the Northern Territory. From regional fruit-picking roles to hospitality jobs within the greater NT region, the Job Shack can help working holiday makers find the means to support themselves.

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