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Irish Around Oz Update February 2022 – flights, jobs, visa’s and more 🇮🇪

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Hi there,

Stephen here with an Irish Around Oz update. After a good two and a half years since my last blog post, I finally have some exciting updates to share with you finally.

Irish Around Oz update 2022

  • I have a new flight partner!! 😀 Yes, after two and a half-ish years. Many of you are looking for a good deal for flights home, and many of you are coming to Australia. I will have more details on that next week.
  • The blog is now much cleaner, and I removed many older posts from 2014 – 2018. I think there were about 50 homecoming video posts, haha. If you see anything dated that needs removing, reply and let me know.
  • I also removed all ads from the site. It is very refreshing! When you see a website with no ads, you will be amazed just how many don’t have ads!
  • The job board! 🤑 Are you looking for a job in Australia? Or looking to hire Irish people in Australia? You can post a job listing here; all job listings get shared to Irish Around Oz, Irish Around Sydney, Melbourne etc., wherever the job is located. Hire the best Irish people in Australia

Moving forward, I shall send out a weekly update every Friday;

New job listings👩🏻‍💻 🦺 :

Discounts for Irish Around Oz subscribers:😏

List of all my handy Facebook groups

Here you go:

  1. 💰OFX – Hands down best money transfer company for larger transfers >$5k, you get a dedicated broker and an exclusive rate with Irish Around Oz. Sign up here to also reserve free transfers for life!
  2. Currencyfair, Wise(previously Transferwise) – Used by everyone, including myself use these. They are a million times better than using your bank or PayPal to send money to Australia(or the other way round). Get ten free transfers with Currencyfair here and your first €500 transfer for free here with Wise.
  3. Got too much stuff? Send it home or to Australia in a few days door to door 5% off; send my bag here
  4. 🩺🚑Travel insurance: True Traveller – well worth getting some, and you can get it even if you are already travelling! Our reciprocal health agreement does not cover everything, including Bali, haha.
  5. Worldnomads – Another brilliant travel insurance company. Great for those who are visiting a few countries.
  6. 🤗True blue migration: My visa partners for many years now! Free visa assessment with them here:

Other random valuable services I use,

  • Revolut handy app for sending money between friends, family etc
  • Cryptocurrency: I’m a big fan of great way to get started in it, and you can get $25 free with this link
  • Binance is another fantastic app for getting into Crypto a bit more technical but has excellent fees rates. Register here

Until next week, have an epic weekend!

Stephen Palmer

Ah go on, give it a share!