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Discover The Cocos: Australia’s Hidden Tropical Paradise

Discover The Cocos: Australia’s Hidden Tropical Paradise April 9, 2015

Cocos Island

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Australia has been blessed with gorgeous beaches, beautiful rock formations, and other exotic landscapes that will definitely make you want to explore every corner of the world’s smallest continent. But if you’re a frequent traveller and you think you have seen everything the Land Down Under has to offer, you might want to change your opinion. There might be a place you haven’t seen or visited before.

Cocos Islands are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, about halfway between Perth and Sri Lanka. Not many people are aware of it but the Cocos are actually Australian territory. This tropical paradise is composed of 26 islands but only the West Island and Home Island are inhabited and have a combined population of about 600 people.

While the Cocos are frequently overshadowed by Christmas Island, their more popular neighbour, they certainly have their own unique charm that will make you want to stay there forever. The sea surrounding the islands is as blue as the sand is white. While the long journey to the islands (about five hours from Perth) might discourage some travellers, the trip is definitely worth it because flying in over the Cocos’ breathtakingly beautiful beaches offers a sight to behold.

The islands are a famous destination for kite surfing, which, according to experts, is a good thing for the islands because the peak season for the activity is in the cooler months. The activity is so popular that there are travel agencies that offer packages just for kite surfing. These tourist packages often include flights, accommodation, equipment hire, and lessons.

Not a fan of kite surfing? Well, you could always try snorkelling and the Cocos definitely offer one of the best places in the world to see and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. The water is just in the right temperature—between 26C and 29C. It is also home to thousands of fishes of different species.

One of the best things about the islands is that they feel safe. Everyone leaves their doors unlocked at night and the locals are amongst the happiest people you’ll ever meet.

If you’re planning to visit the Cocos, be sure to pack clothes for both warmer and rainy weather. Remember, you’re on island in the middle of the ocean so there’s a chance that it’s going to rain at one point during your visit. Also, get used to living on island time as everything there runs at a slower pace.

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