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CurrencyFair Found To Be The Cheapest To Send 10K To Europe

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With CurrencyFair, you could be €400 richer than using traditional banks

Many of you know we have been using and recommending CurrencyFair for quite some time now. 

Why? because it is WAY cheaper to send money from Australia To Ireland.

The popular company Which? Recently did this survey among 16 other banking and money transfer services.

Incredibly there was a massive €400 difference between some organisations!! Which is absolutely crazy.

Their research also looked at sending £10,000 as euros to a bank account in France and how many US dollars you’d get sending £1,000 to an American account.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the eight banks were bottom of the rankings for both euros and US dollars. For euros, Santander offered the worst deal.

Based on its average exchange rate on the four occasions we looked, you would get €13,292 for £10,000, taking into account the £25 fee.

If you do wish to create a CurrencyFair account, use this link and you can get your first trade for free with Irish Around Oz and CurrencyFair. Or read our money transfer guide here

See the mind-blowing table below from the post on Which?

The table below compares how many euros you could send to a bank account in France with £10,000 via 16 online providers.

CurrencyFair ranks as top way to send money internationally compared to 15 other banks and money transfer services

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As you can see from the table TransferWise and Hifx are not doing too badly in comparison to Barclays and Santander!

So in summary, CurrencyFair or any of the other top 5 would be a good way to go for sending money internationally.

What has your experience been? Do you still use banks to transfer money to or from Australia or are you using a money transfer service like CurrencyFair? Comment below: 

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