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13 Australian Food Slang Terms You Need To Know Before Moving

Ah go on, give it a share! Go on... go on.

To prepare you for the big move to Australia, the good people at Clonakilty Blackpudding have offered their Aussie food cheat sheet to ensure a smooth transition down under!

Clonakilty Pudding in Australia

13 Australian food slang words you need to know:

  1. Snags (sausages) – “Chuck some extra snags on the barbie!” snags Australian slang

  2. Not to be confused with swags (outdoor camping equipment)

    outdoor swag tent australian slang

    Don’t they look just lovely

  3. Tim Tams (Aussies favorite biscuit) – We love them too! 

    Australian food slang what are tim tams

    *Warning incredibly addictive

  4. Sausage Sizzle (a BBQ serving sausages on a slice of white bread) – You would be surprised how great something so simple can be. Australian sausage sizzle

  5. Pav (pavlova- an overrated desert)Pavlova Australian food slang

  6. Barra (barramundi- a fish Aussies love to catch and eat)

    barra Australian food slang (1)


  7. Capsicum (red, yellow and green peppers) 

  8. Zucchini (courgette) – Same thing with Capsicum Straya

  9. Esky (portable cooler- a staple in every respectable Aussie home) – One of the best things you can have on a summers day. Esky - Australian food slang (1)

  10. Lollies (regular sweets, not lolly pops)

  11. Milk Bar (convenience store, not a bar that serves milk)

  12. Stubby (an unnecessarily small beer) – Great for when it hits 35+ degrees and your beer gets warm in under 5 minutes. 

    Aussie food slang

    Probably best to avoid the VB

  13. Bottle Shop/Bottle-O (an off-license) – In Perth and a few other areas in Australia, there is many drive through “Bottle O’S” very handy.

An Irish-Aussie integration food guide:  

An Irish twist on some Aussie classics

  • For the hipster: Avocado and black pudding smash on sourdough
  • For the health conscious: Black pudding and beetroot salad with feta
  • For the outdoorsy: Black pudding and shrimp on the barbie
  • For the farmer: Beef and black pudding Pie
  • For the backpacker: With tomato sauce and black pudding
  • For the adventurous: Kangaroo and black pudding meatballs
  • For the true Aussie: A sausage and black pudding sizzle
  • For the crazy: Black pudding and Tim Tams on a pavlova

Find your nearest stockist in Oz by going to

What other Australian food slang do you know of or wish you had known. Comment below:

Ah go on, give it a share! Go on... go on.

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