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Australia Wants To Introduce New 1-Year Visa For Skilled Foreign Workers

Australia Wants To Introduce New 1-Year Visa For Skilled Foreign Workers January 30, 2015


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To ensure that Australian companies have more flexibility when it comes to hiring skilled workers, the Australian government is considering introducing a new visa program. This new one-year visa will allow overseas employees to work in the country for up to one year without securing a 457 visa.

According to reports, the new visa scheme, which is expected to replace the existing subclass 400 visa, will make it much easier for local companies to quickly fill in job vacancies as well as hire professionals and skilled workers for short-term projects. Also, they won’t have to demonstrate efforts to find Australians who are qualified for the positions they have to fill. The new visa program would be beneficial for foreign applicants, as well. They don’t have to meet language and skills requirements to be eligible to apply for a job in Australia.

To apply for the short-term mobility subclass visa, applicants are required to secure an invitation from an Australian company for the shorter three-month visa. To qualify for the one-year visa, on the other hand, they will need to provide a “statement of guarantee” from the Australian company they want to work for. This statement of guarantee should detail their salary, work conditions, and duration of stay.

A number of changes are also expected to take place once the new visa program is approved by the government. For instance, the Sponsorship 457 visa would be consolidated into a new “temporary skilled category,” while the permanent skilled programme will be split into “permanent-independent” and “permanent-skilled” subclasses. This will consolidate the existing subclass 186 and 187 visas.

With the proposed changes, the independent subclass visa will now be more appropriate for highly skilled people who want to apply independently for Australian residency. This new visa will serve as a replacement for the existing distinguished talent visa. Meanwhile, those who want to apply for a permanent-skilled visa subclass will be required to show proof that they are filling a genuine job vacancy in the local labour market.

A spokesman for the Australian Immigration said they are hoping that the proposed new visa program will further encourage migrants from “growth” countries to come and work in Australia. “Competition for migrants amongst growth countries such as China and India, as well as our traditional competitors, will require that our skilled programs are no longer designed to passively receive migrants, but are designed to aggressively target ‘talented’ migrants in a highly competitive environment,” he said.

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