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8 Ways You Know You’re Irish At Christmas

Ah go on, give it a share! Go on... go on.

Although Christmas is being celebrated across the globe, the Irish have a special and unique way of celebrating it.

Whether it’s classy or wacky, everyone in Ireland and even those who are abroad have their own ways to make the Holidays more meaningful and special. So, here is 8 ways you will know you’re Irish at Christmas.

1. You know Christmas has officially begun when Dunnes Shops start playing Christmas songs in October.

2. You attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve at 8pm.

3. You take a day off on December 8 and drive to the “Big Smoke” and get your Christmas shopping done in one day.

4. You take the Christmas pudding out of the deep freeze to thaw in September.

5. You’re having an impromptu class reunion with everyone you go to primary school with in your local pub on Stephen’s night.

6. You start eating Brussel sprouts in October.

7. Your kids write a letter to Santa and post it in a “special” post box.

8. You feel sorry for the people who don’t have two weeks off.

Ah go on, give it a share! Go on... go on.

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