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Irishman Rescued From Tiny Air Vent After Sneaking Into Australian Nightclub

Irishman Rescued From Tiny Air Vent After Sneaking Into Australian Nightclub January 22, 2015

Irishman Rescued From Tiny Air Vent

Some people would go into great lengths just to experience what it’s like to be in one of the most popular hangouts in the city and be part of the “it” crowd. However, an Irishman definitely took home the trophy when it comes to attempting to accomplish such a task.

Irishman Rescued From Tiny Air Vent

Hugh McMahon had to be rescued from an air vent after he got stuck in the tiny space trying to sneak in to an Australian nightclub. The 18-year-old was trying to get into SinCity, a popular night spot in Sydney’s Surfers Paradise, after being kicked out of the place twice that night. The first time he was kicked out, some of the club’s employees found him sleeping on a couch inside.

When he was told that he could no longer enter the club’s premises because of his antics, McMahon decided to sneak his way in by breaking into the roof space through a sliding door at the Promenade Apartments on Orchid Avenue. However, his attempt was not successful because he became stuck. He also damaged the door’s lock in his failed attempt before becoming entangled in wires and getting stuck among the wires and internal struts in the air vent.

Realising that he could no longer get out of the tiny space, McMahon reportedly screamed for help. Emergency crews were dispatched to the scene after people from the club called for help at 1:30am. It was revealed that it took the emergency personnel at least two hours to remove the lad from the tiny air vent. Aside from the agony of being stuck in a tiny air space for hours, McMahon also have to endure the stares of the club goers, who crowded the street to watch.

However, McMahon’s bruised dignity and the stares of other people are basically nothing when compared to dealing with the legal ramifications of his antics. The Irishman has appeared at the Southport Magistrates Court and charged with trespass, wilful damage, and two counts of refusing to leave a licensed business establishment. He has been forced to pay $2,600 or €1,800 in fines and damages. The court has given him three months to pay his fine.

Magistrate Ron Kilner, who has overseen the court proceedings, was certainly not amused or impressed with McMahon’s actions. “Drunk or sober, it was an absolutely remarkably stupid thing to have done. You only have yourself to blame,” he said to the 18-year-old Irishman.