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20 Signs You’ve Stayed In Australia For Too Long

20 Signs You’ve Stayed In Australia For Too Long February 11, 2015


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With its gorgeous landscapes, scrumptious food, and friendly locals, Australia is indeed one of the best places to visit and spend some time in. But if you’re staying in Oz for a very long time, you have probably picked up a few quirks and mannerisms that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. Here are 20 signs you’ve been staying in ‘Straya’ for too long.

1. You know what a thong is and you don’t find it strange when people ask you if you’ve seen theirs.

2. Your friends and family back home will tell you that you talk funny because you can’t help but include words and phrases like thongs, keen, heaps, jumper, reckon, and bloody ripper, among many others in your sentences.

3. Most of your sentences end in “mate” or “eh?”

4. You say “Good on ya, mate” instead of “Good for you” and “How you going?” instead of “How are you?”

5. You love a good Golden Gaytime and you also know that a Golden Gaytime isn’t exactly what it sounds like.

6. When an Aussie and Kiwi are speaking, you can easily determine which is which through their accents.

7. You’re now used to having early dinners out because you know that about 97% of restaurants stop seating from 9pm onwards.

8. Meat pies have become your favourite.

9. So is vegemite. You’ve grown to like it so much it has become a daily snack for you.

10. You’ll find any excuse to throw a “barbie.”

11. You know how very important it is to apply sunscreen every single day.

12. You cannot stand it when the temperature drops to 10 degrees, even though you grew up in a place that has an actual winter or experiences a polar vortex.

13. You sometimes leave your home without any footwear on because you know walking barefoot even in public places is still considered acceptable behaviour.

14. When you dine out, you ask for tomato sauce, not for ketchup.

15. Driving for at least 10 hours straight to get to the next city doesn’t seem to faze you.

16. So is travelling for at least 20 hours to reach most anywhere in the world.

17. Cities, towns, and neighbourhoods with names like Woolloomooloo, Wagga Wagga, and Ulladulla don’t sound strange or funny to you.

18. You don’t have to travel far just to take a dip at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

19. Expensive groceries no longer shock you because you’re used to it.

20. But you are genuinely shocked when you are reminded of the minimum wage back home.

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