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20 Interesting And Quirky Facts About The Irish

20 Interesting And Quirky Facts About The Irish March 27, 2015

Interesting And Quirky Facts About The Irish

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It is a well-known fact the Irish are amongst the most interesting people in the world.

So for its 75th year anniversary, Irish Life, Ireland’s biggest life insurance and pension company, compiled humorous and insightful facts about people in Ireland.

These facts are sure to strike a chord to any Irish (no matter which generation they belong to) and show the world how quirky and interesting the people from the Emerald Isle are.

Here are the 20 facts folks at Irish Life has collected. If you’re an Irish, which of them applies to you?

1. More than one in five Irish people (21%) have packed sausages in their luggage when going on holidays.

2. 94% of Irish people have thanked the bus driver.

3. Just 5% had their first kiss in the Gaeltacht.

4. 40% of Irish people look at someone’s social media before they go on a date.

5. 34% hide people’s news feeds when they post too many pictures of their pets/babies.

6. 24% of Irish people have tried online dating.

7. Just one in five Irish people are friends with their Mammy on Facebook.

8. Over half (54%) make tea if there’s a crisis.

9. 80% of Irish people have eaten a crisp sandwich.

10. Over half (55%) can pull a pint.

11. Over one in ten (13%) Irish people have an embarrassing middle name.

12. Over half (54%) of Irish parents think the kids in their family are smarter than the average child.

13. 29% of Irish people have been to Copper Face Jacks (AKA Coppers) in Dublin.

14. 40% of Irish people have a tin whistle in the house.

15. Just 39% of Irish people say they have had ‘the fear.’

16. Almost one in five (18%) Irish people feel like they know Anne Doyle.

17. 40% of Irish people have clapped when a plane has landed.

18. 73% of Irish people have asked a taxi driver ‘is it busy tonight.’

19. More than one in four (26%) Irish people still have their first teddy bear.

20. One in five Irish people (20%) will never wear the colour of their school uniform again.

Irish Life’s research also showed how the Irish currently feels about living in the Emerald Isle. About 15% of the respondents say they are anxious. Some 6% are angry while 12% are pessimistic. However, some are still quite happy with the way life is going for them right now as one in five Irish (17%) is optimistic about life in Ireland.

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