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Top 10 Ways To Eat Clonakilty Pudding

Top 10 Ways To Eat Clonakilty Pudding February 6, 2015

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We are delighted to announce that Clonakilty Blackpudding and Whitepudding have made it to the Southern Hemisphere!

Nothing beats an Irish fry, but did you know there are a million of other ways to eat Clonakilty Black and Whitepudding? Although we don’t have time to write a million ideas, here are our top 10 ways to eat Clonakilty puddings…

Top 10 Ways To Eat Clonakilty Pudding
1) Light up the Barbie, ditch the shrimp and throw on some pudding! Slice up a few rounds of Blackpudding and eat as part of a mixed grill or ontop of a burger!Or slice a pudding down the middle, place on the BBQ, skewer it and make a kebab!

1st Way To Eat Clonakilty Pudding BBQ
2) Next time you want to order a pizza, why not save yourself some cash. Grab a pitta,smother it in pasta sauce,sprinkle over some chopped pudding along with your favourite toppings and place under the grill!

3) For an Irish twist to an Italian classic, crumble some blackpudding and add it to a simple bolognaise or a lasagne!

Top 10 Ways To Eat Clonakilty Pudding
4) If you like quiches or frittatas at lunchtime, make it taste a bit like home and add Whitepudding for texture and a nice spicy kick!

5) If you’ve been to the shops lately you’ll notice an abundance of avocados! Chop an avocado, add some tomatoes, onion, Blackpudding or Whitepudding for the ultimate Irish-Aussie salad!

Top 10 Ways To Eat Clonakilty Pudding
6) Ahhh the toasted special….it might be hard to find down under, so get yourself somebread, tomatoes, cheese, onion, relish… and add some Blackpudding for a toastie like no other!

whitepudding & potatoes
7) If you love Mexican food why not add Clonakilty Blackpudding or Whitepudding to your taco, enchilada, burrito or fajita! Clonakilty Black and Whitepuddings can be a great addition to any spicy dish!

8) Take a pork sausage, a bun, some relish, fried onions and Blackpudding for the ultimate hotdog!

Blackpudding Burger
9) Nothing will be more comforting on those rare cold evenings than potato (sweet potato or the classic spud) mashed with some butter and Blackpudding… yum…

10) And for those of you brave enough -or lazy enough- forgo ingredients,ditch the recipes and eat Clonakilty pudding straight out of the pack! (not for the faint hearted)

Clonakilty Black and Whitepuddings are now available in VIC, NSW, SA, WA and QLD. For more information on how to find check out our website:

Ah go on, give it a share! Go on.. go on.. go on.