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It is about time that I set up an about page for Irish Around Oz! It is funny originally I set up the site to be a buy and sell for Irish people living in Australia, kind of like gumtree but exclusively for Irish in Oz however that clearly failed and then moved onto setting up a forum for Irish in Australia. This also failed.

It was when I published 50 things you need to know before moving to Australia(now 60 things) that I knew I had found a massive gap in the market and Irish Around Oz was formed!

As I travelled and worked in Oz including doing my regional work(NEVER AGAIN!) the blog that many of you are familiar with came to life.

For those wondering WHO am I well I am originally from Co.Cork but moved to Australia in July 2013. I have a degree in IT which certainly helped with setting this site up.

It is always amazing when I look back all the way in September 2013 when I had the idea for Irish Around Oz. Since then it has received over 4 million visits and had 7 million plus page views from all over the world.

The pages and groups I set up are now more popular than ever and I am extremely satisfied with how many 1000's of you the site and pages have helped.

If it is your first time here or you have always been wondering who or what is IrishAroundOz then I hope this has helped. I also have a few admins helping out with some of the Facebook pages(thanks).

I am particularly proud of my resources page and my most popular article on the top 10 most powerful passports in the world. Would you believe I wrote the passport article one month after quitting my full-time job in Melbourne!

The blog is now a massive part of my career and I am working on many new projects which I will reveal to you later. If you have time please pop over and join my mailing list.

Apart from that I just want to quickly thank you, the reader, it is because of you that this site has been such a success and I appreciate all of you!

Come on over to the main Facebook page and say hi I would love to hear from you.

Thanks and wishing you all the best if you are making the move to Australia.


Stephen Palmer

P.S The photo is me chilling at the 3 sisters in the blue mountains near Sydney. Highly recommend a visit there!