Australia To Abolish The 457 Visa Programme(What You Need To Know)

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2017)

Lads lads lads! I thought I was seeing things in the news headlines.

“457 visa scheme has been scrapped” – Irish Times

“457 Visa has been abolished” – ABC News 

Yes, it is true! The 457 visa programme has been up and running for the past two decades and has helped many many Irish people stay in Australia for up to 4 years.

I will shortly be updating my “guide to getting sponsored in Australia” article with all the new information as soon as it is more clear.

Here is the message from the Turnbull Government on what the new changes are:

Current visa holders will not be affected by the changes, which will see the introduction of two new temporary skills visas — a two-year visa and a more specialised one for four years “targeted at higher skills”.

Mr Turnbull said the new system would be “manifestly, rigorously, resolutely conducted in the national interest”.

“The migration program should only operate in our national interest. This is all about Australia’s interest,” Mr Turnbull said.

Applicants must also complete a criminal history check instead of the self-declaration under the now-abolished scheme.

There are also changes to the permanent residency arrangements under the new scheme — previously, 457 visa holders could be eligible for permanent residency after two years.

There is no residency pathway(!!!) under the new two-year visa, while four-year visa holders will see the permanent residence eligibility period extended from two to three years.

These changes come after a string of recent tax changes on superannuation and regional work.

Who will be affected by this 457 visa change?

More than 200 jobs have been cut from the list of occupations that foreign workers can apply for under the new scheme.

The list, which previously included more than 650 types of work, will no longer include roles such as call centre managers, shearers or actors.

The changes are not expected to affect current visa holders.


What jobs will no longer be available for sponsorship in Australia?

Below is a tweet with a few images of the 180 jobs that will no longer be worked on a 457 visa.


457 visa changes summary 2017

The government have been talking about changing the 457 visa for a few months now, and it is clear to see that they are trying to fix the apparently “broken” visa scheme.

Whether or not this will actually work in the long term is yet to be seen.

If you are concerned about what is going to happen to you or your visa contact our visa partners Australia Here We Come here.

The good news that you can take from this is that current 457 visa holders will not be affected.

There are still a lot of details to come and will update you as they come in.


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