Cheap December And January Return Flights To Ireland From Australia

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)

Many of us are planning a trip back to Ireland in the coming months either for a holiday or the ever increasing best mates wedding back home! 

It can be frustrating checking Skyscanner every so often seeing a good deal… not having enough cash and then seeing the fares double over the next few weeks.

Luckily for you, we have a solution lay by flights with Irish Around Oz Flights

Why use Irish Around Oz flights? Cheap flights Australia to Ireland

  • If you don’t already know we have partnered with Student Flights in Randwick, Sydney to bring you some of the best and cheapest flights to Ireland.
  • Not only that but every month we break down the cheapest fares over a 2 week period in that month. 
  • We also include nearly all of the top locations in Australia 
  • Over 2000 people get updates via our email list and can get quotes simply by replying to any of our emails. You can sign up to it here. 
  • You can layby certain flights! This means you only pay ~$99 to reserve your airfare and can pay it off over a couple of months.
  • We have been partners for over a year and thousands of Irish people living in Australia have booked their flights home with our team.
  • Irish Around Oz have used a few different flight partners over the years but no one has come close to the support and dedication of the team at Student Flights in Randwick.

Okay now you know the score you are probably wondering about the fares and how to get a quote?

For a quote contact us on:

Phone: (02) 8374 9922
Give us a call or send us a quick email and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Also be sure to subscribe to our flights email list where you literally get the deals straight to your inbox every month.. and it is 100% free!

Now for the fares: 

These flights are mostly Qatar, Etihad and Emirates, for Adelaide, they are just Emirates and Darwin is a two stop option.

All fares have baggage, meals and Etihad fares can be Lay By and some of the fares are sale fares and we will need full payment.

*All prices are ‘from’ and subject to availability.


April: $1,349*
May: $1,281*
June: $1,479*
July: $1,747*
September: $1293*
October: $1082* – $1246 Previous fares sold out
December: $2,144*
January: $1,877


April: $1,510*
May: $1,422*
June: $1,479*
July: $1,788*
August: $1,479*
September: $1,388*
October: $1,068
November: $1,066
December: $2,134
January: $1,978


April: $1,449*
May: $1,332*
June: $1,598*
July: $1,988*
August: $1,545*
September: $1,382*
October: $1,380* – $1454 previous fares sold out
January: $1,787
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April: $1,533*
May: $1,327*
June: $1,533*
July: $1,811*
September: $1397*
January: $1,955


April: $1,588*
May: $1,420*
June: $1,610*
July: $1,789*
September: $1406*
October: $1,210* $1555 – Previous fares sold out
January: $1,987


April: $1,440*
May: $1,330*
June: $1,311*
July: $1,922*
August: $1,378*
September: $1408*
October: $1,257*
January: $1,787

**Fares from Darwin must be paid in full at time of booking (they are not eligible to lay-by).

We also have some great fares available for students, teachers or anyone under 31!
Eligibility varies across airlines, so let us know if you are enrolled in any education or training programs (e.g. TAFE courses, distance learning, workplace accreditation or any other certifications) so we can find the best deals for you.

If you if don’t meet the above criteria, don’t stress, we’re still able to help you get a great deal!

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Good luck and safe travels

Steve + Irish Around Oz Flights team.