How to get third party sponsorship under the 457 Visa in Australia.

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2017)

Are you working in Australia with a temporary working visa and want to stay longer?

Got a dream job and they cannot sponsor you? Well, there is a solution for your problem.

Here in Australia, like in the UK, it is possible to obtain Third Party Sponsorship…

Yea we didn’t know it existed either but, what exactly does that mean?

We consulted our partners at Geoffrey Nathan for more information:

What is Third Party Sponsorship?

How to get third party sponsorship under the 457 Visa in Australia.

Third Party Sponsorship can occur when someone that does not have the necessary work permits, thus needs a 457 visa, has secured a job role but the firm is not able to sponsor directly for the 457 Visa.

The firm can, therefore, seek to engage with a third party company, in this case, Geoffrey Nathan Consulting Inc, who can assist with a 457 visa providing the candidate meets the eligibility requirements.

How does this third party sponsorship work?

Third Party Sponsorship works as follows:

Once a job role is secured, contracts are put in place directly with the end user client and the candidate.

The 457 Visa application is lodged with The Department of Immigration and once the 457 Visa is approved the candidate falls under Geoffrey Nathan Consulting Inc’s employment and the candidate is then further ‘’on-hired directly back to the end client.

All sponsorship obligations fall to GNC, and free’s the end user client from these obligations.

For information regarding Fee’s, please contact a GNC Representative( who will be happy to talk through everything in more detail with you.

There is a list of requirements the candidate must fulfil to be eligible for a Third Party Sponsorship.

This type of scheme is also a way to employ overseas workers to assist with skill shortages.

Now before you go jumping up and down in excitement there are a few requirements before you can even be considered for third party sponsorship in Australia:

Requirements third-party sponsorship:

  1. The candidate must secure a full time/permanent job offer or a contract more than six months. GNC cannot assist in the recruitment process.
  2. Geoffrey Nathan Consulting (GNC) requires a minimum salary level of $75,000 for a minimum 6-month contract.
  3. You would need to have either 5 years’ experience in the relevant skilled shortage role, or a relevant degree qualification.
  4. The Candidates occupation must be listed on our Labour Agreement. Some approved occupations are: Accountancy, Engineering, Finance, Health, I.T., Marketing, or Sales.

If you meet all of the above, you may be eligible for Third Party Sponsorship. Click here and fill in the enquiry form to know more about this service.

The positive thing about this type of service is, if the Business is willing to go through a third party arrangement, it is not necessary for you to have to look specifically for a firm who can sponsor directly.

So, what are you waiting for? For enquiries contact Geoffrey Nathan at or contact them in Sydney on 028 022 8000

If you are looking to stay in Australia longer but the above doesn’t apply to you then read our article on 8 ways to stay in Australia longer.


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