2017 Summer Return Flights Australia To Ireland Are Here

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2017)

Hope you all had epic new years.

Many of you travelled back home, and many of you stayed in Australia.

For those of you who are thinking about heading home to Ireland for the “Irish summer, flights” we have some epic new flight deals just in today.

Those flights email list got these first so if you haven’t already subscribed you can do so here. I only send updates about once every 2 – 3 weeks and just latest blog posts once a week.

For those of you who don’t know Irish Around Oz have partnered with Student Flights Randwick to bring you exclusive fares from Australia to Ireland at a discounted rate.

Each of the fares below are the cheapest in a two week period of that month from each location(Brisbane, Sydney etc).

To enquire simply shoot your dates to the team at: 

Phone: (02) 8374 9922


These flights are mostly Etihad and Emirates, for Adelaide the’are just Emirates and Darwin is a two stop option. All fares have baggage, meals and Etihad fares can be Lay By and some of the fares are sale fares and we will need full payment. 

2017 cheap flights to Ireland

*All prices are ‘from’ and subject to availability.
February: $1,355*
March: $1,355*
April: $1,349*
May: $1,381*
June: $1,579*
July: $1,747*
February: $1,325*
March: $1,316*
April: $1,510*
May: $1,422*
June: $1,579*
July: $1,788*
August: $1,479*
February: $1,362*
March: $1,362*
April: $1,449*
May: $1,432*
June: $1,598* 
July: $1,988*
August: $1,545*
February: $1,348*
March: $1,327*
April: $1,533*
May: $1,327*
June: $1,533*
July: $1,811*
February: $1,388*
March: $1,364*
April: $1,588*
May: $1,420*
June: $1,610*
July: $1,789*
February: $1,375*
March: $1,345*
April: $1,440*
May: $1,330*
June: $1,311*
July: $1,922*
August: $1,378* 
**Fares from Darwin must be paid in full at time of booking (they are not eligible to lay-by).
We also have some great fares available for students, teachers or anyone under 31!
Eligibility varies across airlines, so let us know if you are enrolled in any education or training programs (e.g. TAFE courses, distance learning, workplace accreditation or any other certifications) so we can find the best deals for you.
If you if don’t meet the above criteria, don’t stress, we’re still able to help you get a great deal! 

On another note, if you are sending money home, read our money transfer guide or get your first transfer for FREE with CurrencyFair using this link.

We also have 10% off with GoInsurance, one of the best travel insurance companies we have come across.

For more resources and services visit my resources page.

Safe travels and be sure to share this article,

Steve and Student Flights Randwick

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