How To Find A Job When You Arrive In Australia

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2017)

Looking for a job can be daunting when you first arrive in Australia.

There are plenty of job sites and recruitment agencies where you can drop off your CV.

Many people told me that you would get a job as soon as you land in Australia.

The reality is it can take 2 – 6+ weeks before you find a job.

Especially if you are on a temporary working visa, as a Working Holiday, it can be quite difficult to find the right job for your experience.

There is also the fact that you can only work for a company for 6 months and as soon as they see or you tell them you are on a working holiday visa they immediately say “okay thanks we will be in touch”

So what are you supposed to do?

I would suggest taking a look at Geoffrey Nathan Australia (GNA).

Especially if you are looking for professional jobs in Sydney or


GNA specialise in assisting overseas professionals (with Working Holiday, Defacto, Post Graduate or another temporary working visa) source work in Australia.

Meaning they are actually looking for people on working holiday visas.

So say bye bye to hours spent on with promises of 100K+

How does Geoffrey Nathan work?

GNA has exclusive partnerships with recruitment agencies around Australia, predominately in Sydney, that place overseas contractors(that’s you).

What they first do is pre-screen your resume and if it is suitable for any of their client’s job openings they will reverse market your CV directly to their partners.

Their main clients are based in the Financial and Accounting Sector, but they can also assist Engineers and IT professionals.

This helps candidates have more chances of getting seen by recruiters that might receive thousands of CVs every time they post a job.

It is like having a friend submit a resume for you.

They know what the companies need and the companies know that they only submit suitable candidates.


This increases your chances of getting a job plus taking the pressure of having to register with so many different agencies by yourself.

If the agencies feel you are suitable for a current position that they have open, they will be in contact with you directly.  

So how do I send them my CV?


Good luck with the job hunt.

Good luck with the job hunt

Are you Contracting already in Australia?

GNA can help you increase your Net Take Home Pay.

GNA has more than 20 year’s experience and a broad knowledge of local and foreign tax law, being capable of reducing your tax and super liability while contracting here in Australia.

In order to access to this type of Salary Packaging, you need to be a temporary resident in Australia (Working Holiday, Defacto, Post Graduate and other temporary working visas).

The GN Money Maximiser helps you increase your net take home pay.

This means you have the ability to save some extra dollars at the end of each week in a trusted and compliant format.

Below I am attaching a table showing the benefits of engaging with this type of service:


Hourly Rate
(inc super)
Net Pay
without GN
Net Pay
with GN
Weekly Savings
$40 $937 $1,031 $94
$50 $1,162 $1,302 $140
$60 $1,381 $1,651 $270

It is very easy to setup, and may provide great benefits.

To check if you are eligible you just need to send an email to and quote Irish Around OZ – Money Maximiser Quote


Submit the following form here: .

In return, you will receive a no obligation free Pay Comparison Quote and you can then decide whether to engage or not.

Good luck,

Stephen Palmer