Currency Solutions Review: Most Trusted Money Transfer Company

As you might have seen on our money transfer article recently, we have added Currency Solutions to our recommended companies.

Currency Solutions is based in the UK and have been around for the past 10+ years.

One of the reasons it caught our eye was it has the highest trust score rating compared to other money transfer companies as is rated 9.8/10 from over 1500 people!

We are always looking to provide you with the most reliable and trustworthy companies, especially when it comes down to sending your money home to Ireland/UK.

Another advantage of Currency Solutions is they are more personal, and trades typically require a phone call, which some of you will either love or hate.

The advantage of having a broker or a personal phone call is they can offer some advice regarding what the market is doing, why it is an individual rate.

This is essential if you are sending back large sums of money from Australia.

Even though the other companies still offer fantastic rates compared to banks, just hitting transfer instead of being advised to wait a few days can lead to a large loss on your side.

We think this is part of the reason they have such great reviews on trust pilot and the other review sites.

Here is the link to the Trust Pilot Reviews

Currency Solutions Review

Some other benefits:

  • No fees for transfers over £3,000.
  • A very secure company; they have segregated client accounts and are authorised and regulated by the FCA and HMRC.
  • Customer support is Currency Solutions strongest point, earning them a loyal base of personal and business clients.
  • Dedicated brokers offer clients individual attention, consistently proving their dedication to living up to the company name’s implicit promise of providing solutions.
  • Currency Solutions website is very straightforward, easy to navigate, ideal for smartphone users.
  • New visitors can effortlessly select options such as personal, business, calculation tools or support with minimum distraction.
  • The minimum transfer amount is £1,000 which makes it not accessible for those who are looking to transfer small payments or remittances.
  • For smaller payments look at CurrencyFair
  • There no upper limit at all, for both phone transfers and via the online platform.
    • Dedicated Dealer: Yes.
    • Offices: UK and Cyprus.
    • Ways to approach: Email, Phone (during work hours), and via a contact form on the website.
    • Translations: None.
    • Accepts clients: Worldwide.
    • Currencies Handled: 29 appearing on the website, but it’s possible to inquire about additional currencies.
    • Client reviews: 99% of the clients who submitted their reviews online praise the level of support and service.
    • Best Ranked in TrustPilot 9.8
    • No Currency Limitations – Trading All Possible Pairs
    • 135,000 Active Clients

Conclusion on our Currency Solutions review:

As we mention in our money transfer article, there are some other great currency transfer companies out there, and you should pick one that best suits your need.

It is reasonable to believe that the no-fee / tight margin combination will yield the best quote in the industry.

The only downside is that the platform is limited and doesn’t allow smaller transfers to be made.

When a company is operating for over 10 years, with 135,000 retail and personal clients, and there are 1,500 reviews online praising it, with close to no complaints, you can be rest assured it’s a trustworthy company.

Register with and sign up your Currency Solutions account here.

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