Irish Australian Chamber Of Commerce Partners With OFX(Ozforex)

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2016)

While many of you know we regularly recommend CurrencyFair for money transfers, OFX(previously Ozforex) would be up there with a very close second.

It is great to see that OFX has partnered with the IACC, full event details on their press release are below.


OFX partners with the IACC

OFX to assist Irish expats considering the move back to Ireland as Irish economy recovers.

OFX (formerly OzForex) has partnered with the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce

(IACC) Returning Migrants Program to help members of the Chamber based in Australia who are considering a return back to Ireland.

The program will provide practical support with expert advice and networking opportunities for participants.

The Program covers many of the concerns and apprehensions expats have when thinking about making the move. These include access to financial services, finding a job,

These include access to financial services, finding a job,
setting up a business, investing in Ireland, social reintegration, business networking, tax and mentoring.

OFX will guide participants on transferring money back to Ireland; the OFX will guide participants on transferring money back to Ireland, the rates available and how to get the most out of their money.

Jonathan Sermon, Senior Alliance & Partnership Manager at OFX, said:

We’ve noticed an increase in the amount of customers transferring money back to Ireland in preparation
to return home over the last few months. We view this partnership as an extension of the services we offer our customers and hope that all get the most out of it in terms of
support and information.

The Irish economy has been showing encouraging signs of recovery since 2013, allowing many Irish migrants living in Australia to realistically consider returning home for the for the
first time since the economic downturn.

Research conducted by the IACC has found that 57% of Irish Diaspora living in Australia have aspirations to return to Ireland with a significant number intending to do so in the next two years.
Chamber CEO, Barry Corr said:

The IACC has a role to play in promoting Irish business interests in Australia and vice versa, as well as assisting in supporting Ireland’s economic recovery.

We are committed to listening to our members and responding to
their needs.

As such we are excited to have developed our Returning Migrants Program, in partnership with OFX, CPL, Bank of Ireland and others, to help provide much needed support and valuable resources for those looking to migrate back to Ireland.”

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