👀 June, July + August 2016 $99 Lay By Flights To Dublin

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2016)

Last week we launched lay by flights with Student flights Randwick and it has been a great success.

Many people now have secured their flights home for next year and the feedback has been great!

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$99 Lay by flights from Australia

All flights are with Etihad, one-stop option, transit 2-3 hours.

Took book any of these flights just email the team at Irisharoundoz@studentflights.com.au

All that is required is a $99 deposit to secure your fare and payment 60 days prior to departure

*All are return flights*

*You don’t have to be a student to use this service*

*You can choose alternative destinations such as UK + Europe.*

Lay by flights for June 16:

Brisbane $1665
Sydney: $1520
Perth: $1490
Melbourne $1501

Lay by flights for July 16:

Brisbane  $1830
Sydney $1844
Perth $1755
Melbourne $1822

Lay by flights for August 16:

Brisbane $1621
Sydney $1619
Perth $1634
Melbourne $1602

Safe trip and be sure to subscribe to our free flights mailing list here

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