Irish Government Policy For Emigrants To Return Home

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2015)

The policy was announced in March and we were quite surprised when we hadn’t heard about it so below is all the details on it.

The Irish government has produced its first ever policy for the diaspora, and it wants emigrants to come back to Ireland.

The policy is called Global Irish and looks at ways the government can connect with the people who have left Ireland.

It says that the diaspora is both ‘an asset and a responsibility’ that requires a ‘sustained, long-term effort’ when engaging with it.

This also sees the launch of the new Global Irish The website contains a wealth of information for the diaspora on support services; living abroad; staying in touch; and returning home to Ireland.

Global Irish defines Government’s role to both drive and foster diaspora engagement in a way that:

• Supports: those who have left Ireland and need or want support;

• Connects: in an inclusive way with those, of all ages, around the world who are Irish, of Irish descent or have a tangible connection to Ireland, and wish to maintain a connection with Ireland and with each other;

• Facilitates: a wide range of activity at local, national and international level designed to build on and develop two-way diaspora engagement;

• Recognises: the wide variety of people who make up our diaspora and the important ongoing contribution that they have made, both individually and collectively, in shaping our development and our identity;

• Evolves: to meet changing needs in changing times.

The Policy confirms the fourth Global Irish Economic Forum which will be held in Dublin in November 2015.

Here is a link to the full PDF on the Global Irish Diaspora.

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What do you think about the initiative?

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