5 Things To Do In Oz If You Are Not Going Home For Christmas

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2015)

Coming to the season everyone is starting to think what to do for Christmas. Some lucky ones have it all already planned and booked flights home, others are still debating if the flights aren’t too pricey and if they can actually afford going home.

Those who don’t really mind and don’t get homesick should definitely experience Christmas Aussie way.

Not only you won’t see snow and rainy cold home weather but you will experience great hot temperature with so much to offer!

Here are few ideas of where you could spend Christmas this year:

1. Enjoy A White Christmas

White Christmas in Australia at Whitsunday Beaches

If you are dreaming of having white Christmas don’t think about snow think sand.

Whitsundays Islands are the perfect destination for white Christmas. Whitehaven Beach is one of the world’s best beaches with pure white sand and crystal clear waters.

Instead of slaving over a hot oven to prepare Christmas lunch or dinner you can enjoy 7 km of whitest and cleanest beaches.

The sand doesn’t retain the heat like most other beaches so it’s actually pleasant to walk on even on a really hot day.

2. Camping anyone? Kwiambal National Park

Kwiambal National Park
Is one of the least visited and most stunning national parks with plunge pools, beaches, and scenic waterfalls.

You can either bring your own tent or caravan or simply check in to one of the budget accommodations available.

With hiking/walking trails you can get fit or just sit down sip beer and barbecue at one of several picnic spots.

3. Go for a drive.

great ocean road
Great Ocean Road is probably on everyone’s bucket list so why not explore it during Christmas. Enjoy perfect weather and world’s most scenic drive.

Stop overnight in one of the towns on the way. If you are afraid you won’t find perfect accommodation to suit your needs book in advance, otherwise just go crazy and stop as you like.

If you want to make your experience even more exciting try this tip:
In addition to Great Ocean Road you can also do Great Ocean Walk which stretches from Apollo Bay to 12 Apostles shadowing the Great Ocean Road.
Isn’t that just great?

4. Cinema less conventional way

moonlight cinema   Australia

Watching latest movies under stars is something everyone should try.

If you are staying around Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth make sure to attend moonlight cinema.

The cinema returns every December so make sure to keep an eye out for great movie to watch there.

5. Not only Kangaroos

Kangaroos stand in a row along Calvert Road

Four thousand penguins, 6000 fur seals, 600 rare Australian sea lions, 5000 koalas, 15,000 kangaroos, 254 species of bird life and somewhere in between 500,000 and one million tammar wallabies.

If you can’t spot wildlife here then you simply aren’t trying. If you want to see it all make sure to go to Kangaroo Island, with 509km of Coastline and 155km from the East Coast to the West Coast you can spend perfect Christmas away from home.

These are only few ideas of well spent Christmas away from home. Of course everyone is different and has different Christmas spirit but make sure to do something exciting and unforgettable this Christmas and share your idea with others!.

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