11 Travel Apps You Should Get Before Coming To Australia

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2015)

Travel apps are growing more and more everyday and there is literally an app for absolutely everything these days! We put together this list of 11 travel apps that will help you on your trip to Australia or any holiday destination.

1) XE Currency

11 Best Travel Apps

  • Free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

One of the most common things people do when they first come to Oz is compare how much things cost compared to back home. When we first came to Australia our first thought was wait so this pint cost $10 how much is that in Euro’s, is this even a full pint. XE currency is a must for any traveller as you can include up to 10 currencies and compare them in a matter of seconds.

2) HostelWorld

11 Best Travel Apps

  • Free for iOs and Android.

On most occasions when you travel to Australia you need to book a hostel for your first few nights or weeks. Unless of course you are lucky enough to have some great friends that will put you up. Using the app you can search over 27’000 Hostels in more than 180 countries! They also boast no booking fees using the app. Check out HostelWorld Here

3) Wi-Fi Finder

11 Best Travel Apps

  • Free on iOS and Android

This handy app helps you find wi-fi signals around you, not just within a few meters but around the entire city/location. It lists both free and paid for wi-fi hotspots. It also shows gives you directions to the hot spots with Google maps. In addition it has an offline database’ so if you find yourself out of data you can still find wi-fi around you.

4) SunScreen Re-Applying Reminder

11 Best Travel Apps

  • Free on iOS and Android

No matter how many times you remind yourself it can be very easy to forget when it is time to put sunscreen on. You can also adjust date, time and sunscreen factor rating. Very useful travel app for that dangerous Australian sun.

5) Tipulator

11 Best Travel Apps

  • Free on iOS and Android

This is particularly handy if you are visiting places you are not familiar with such as Bali, America or anywhere that survives on tips. Rather than guessing the amount you should be tipping this works it out for you. If you are in a group it also divides the bill up for you including or excluding the tip.

6) GumTree

11 Best Travel Apps

  • Free on iOS and Android

The GumTree app will be by far the most useful app you get when you come to Oz. Great for accommodation, buy and sell and everything in-between.

7) JetLag Calculator

  • Free on Android, $2.99 on iOS

There is a few of these available or both iOS and Android. You simply put in what time you normally go to sleep, what time you wake up etc and it works out the optimal sleep times to best avoid that nasty jet lag. The Jet Lag app serves the same purpose on iOS. After all that flight from Ireland to Australia is not a short one!

8) SkyScanner

  • Free on iOS and Android

You aren’t going to find a better app than Skyscanner. This lets you compare countless flights from all the biggest airlines around the world. Not only can you do it on the move, but you no longer need to look on all those annoying flight comparison sites. All you need in one handy little app.

9) Amazon Kindle

  • Free on iOS and Android(Some books are free)

Travelling around you will more than likely be doing more reading than you ever imagined, between flights, buses and those days when there is nothing to do. Amazon exclusives from little-known self-published writers; some on the rise, some not. You can also find a whole bunch of classics for free – so yeah, it’s worth downloading.

10) Skype

  • Free on iOS and Android(Additional call options)

Where would be without Skype, by far one of the most useful apps for calling home. In particular the iOS app has greatly improved and voice calls now are nearly as good as regular phone calls. More than likely you have this app and if you don’t it won’t take long before you get it when you come to Australia. A must have travelling app.

11) Happiest Hour

11 Best Travel Apps

  • Free on iOS and Android

We actually only discovered this app recently and WHAT AN APP! You can browse by state etc and find not only beer specials but food. Highly recommended.

Additional travel apps

Hopefully this list will be enough to get you started some additional apps we recommend are Scoopon(similar to Groupon), Google Maps, Viber, Facebook, Tripit, Flight Board and Foodspotting.

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