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5 Top Romantic Destinations To Visit In Australia

5 Top Romantic Destinations To Visit In Australia September 23, 2014

Our aim is to help the Irish community in Australia. We aim to help connect and make your stay in Australia as easy as it can be. While at the same time connecting the Irish community in Australia

Some luxury escapes in Australia
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Australia has been topping as one of the world’s host of top romantic destinations, the uniqueness of Australian destinations makes it one of the most visited part of the world for romantic escapades.

Many honeymooners across the world are racing towards this lonely planet to explore its beauty; the spots are so many to choose from depending on individual’s choice and pocket.

It’s a host to many pristine and isolated Islands which offers a quiet place for love birds, families or people relaxing after a long time of exhaustive work.

A visit to Fiji Island will imbue you; Hamilton Island will both indulge and relax the guests on such missions.Some luxury escapes in Australia

1. Hamilton Island, Queensland:

The Hamilton Island is both well-appointed and well-endowed to offer a great romantic getaway holiday experience, its many convenient packages in excellent hotels within the Island will exhilarate your holiday.

Great Barrier Reef region of this Island has many beautiful beaches to explore with your loved ones, sapphire blue water, many features to tour, water sporting activities are here to make your holiday fulfilling and enchanting.

The round the year sunshine experience is ideal for Romantic holidays, Spa treatments opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere, charter jets, kayaking, and cruises are ideal here for the purpose.

Qualia Resort will offer you a very tranquil atmosphere with lovely and nice food to enjoy, voted one of the best resort with all services and facilities in the region.

Visit Hamilton Island

2. Hunter Valley, New South Wales:

Located within the tranquil and unspoiled atmosphere of vines growing region, here you will experience the wine tasting in its well-appointed wine hotels suitable for a romantic dinner, located in the serene location of Newcastle and hours to Sydney.

Some of the lavish couples only accommodations can be found here, Wineries and large wine hotels, vineyards offers a unique opportunity to tour with loved ones.

Hot air balloon experience atop many vineyards to explore the beauty of the area is worth with your love besides you, clean crisp atmosphere and ideal weather condition can be experienced here.

Restaurant Bonatica within the wine estate will offer you a memorable dinner with wine tasting, Chateau Elan at the Vintage to provide a memorable night in a serene environment.

3. Hepburn Shire, Victoria:

Another unique locality with the sereneness requite for a quiet and romantic holiday; it’s just an hour and half drive from the Melbourne to this picturesque, romantic holiday destination, there are several hot spas dotting the region making it a romantic ideal.

Daylesford is a home to several Spas and romantic lodges, many exclusive Spa treatments can be explored here which offers beauty treatments, massages, all-inclusive treatments for couples in a romantic holiday.

Bed and breakfast facilities specially designed for couples can be found near these spas; they are located in the serene and private places which make a romantic holiday fulfilling.

Enjoying you’re eating and drinking at the Bay Restaurant and the Freicinet Lodge Harzards Bar, and sleep at Shappire Freicinet in the region, many attractions to explore too.

Daylesfort Spa getaway

4. Barossa Valley, South Australia:

The valley is another scene filled with many historical sites and lovely serene villages, it’s located within the confines of the oldest vine growing region of the country, the lovely sprawls of vineyards can be explored while here, just within hours Northern Adelaide lands you to this romantic destination.

The region features an atmosphere of relaxation ideal for a romantic getaway, the lovely exotic cottages offers an excellent accommodation facilities for the couples who find their way here, the wine estate is truly quiet and romantic.

A couple can venture into food and wine tour of the region, several wine hotels and wineries can be exploited here on a daily basis, a wine lunch and dinner can be arranged in a wine hotel around.

A stay at Stonewell Cottages and Vineyards will truly imbue you with your love all the days, there are very well-appointed accommodation and honeymoon packages to fulfill the couple’s holiday in the region.

5. Margaret River, West Australia:


Located in a well-appointed region filled with picturesque countryside atmosphere of greenness, a very romantic atmosphere can be experienced here among the forests and great Sea views, a three hours only drive from the city of Perth will land to this extravagantly romantic destination.

The lovely and ideal warm weather and being a home for many famous wineries makes it ideal for lovers, a romantic holiday here is very complete with well-appointed accommodation facilities to boot, wine tours are prevalent here.

A wine tour within the Voyager Estate, Cape Mentele, Stella Bella and Vasse Felix will make your romantic out fulfilling, wine tasting experience can be done here during lunch and dinner times to a fulfilling dreamland.

Margaret’s Beach Resort will indulge you and your partner to a fully serviced accommodation, all facilities are fine and lovely here in breathtaking views of the lovely garden, Museums, attractions and other romantic places.

The romantic destinations to visit in Australia are numberless, whether for a newly married couples going for a honeymoon, a couple renewing their love life or family, the destinations are many and wide, you just need your Australian visa to be ready to explore them. Occasionally you might find deals on Living Social, well worth it. 


Margaret River Australia

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Our aim is to help the Irish community in Australia. We aim to help connect and make your stay in Australia as easy as it can be. While at the same time connecting the Irish community in Australia