The “Irish Around” Facebook Network Everything You Need To Know About Us

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2016)

In September 2013 Irish Around Oz was set up to help Irish in Australia.

It was originally set up as a classified site but with the success of our blog we moved it to a blog with the addition of our forum in recent months. Our goal was not to become just another Facebook page but to set up a useful online community and help to connect Irish in Australia.

Our goal was not to become just another Facebook page but to set up a useful online community with resources and help to connect Irish in Australia.

We felt that information on jobs(regional work), travel, life, visas, money transfers and everything else related to being Irish in Australia was just not easily found on Google when you are looking for it.

The information was scattered across anywhere from 5 – 10 different websites and some of it was so generic that it just didn’t make sense.

The Irish Around Oz Facebook NetworkIrish Around Australia - Helping Irish people living in Australia

Of course. our site would be non-existent without our fantastic admins and Facebook pages which have tripled in size over the past 6 months. We have outlined these below if you are not joined to one in your area be sure to do so.

We have outlined these below if you are not joined to one in your area be sure to do so.

For those that are new to our site and some of the pages ,the way they work is you can either post on the related pages wall and other people connected to the pages can reply with an answer.

Or you can message the page directly with the message and we can repost it for you. This works great if you want to post something anonymous or for a friend.

This works great if you want to post something anonymous or for a friend.

Over the past year, these pages have posted 1000’s of posts and helped 1000’s of people with jobs, accommodation, visa, lost items, best places to stay and the list goes on!

So if you are a member of one of the following pages and got some help from be sure to share this article across any methods you have.

Update July 2016: Visit our new groups post for a full list of our Facebook groups and pages 

  • Irish Around Oz – The first and main page for Irish in Australia. Approaching 15000 members.
  • Irish Around Melbourne – Our most popular page set up in October 2013 for Irish people living in Melbourne. It currently has reached its limit of 5000 friends but we will shortly be converting it to a Facebook page.
  • Irish Around Brisbane – A great page for Irish people in Brisbane
  • Irish Around Darwin – Still in the early days but a great page for Irish in Darwin.
  • Irish Around WA(Not to be confused with Irish Around Perth) – This page was set up to cover Western Australia. There are quite a few other pages which have popped up such as Irish out around Perth, Irish Perth, Irish in Perth and so on but we are only associated with this page in WA. We wanted to set up a page not just covering Perth but everywhere from Broome down to Margaret river and in between.
  • Irish Around Sydney – A new upcoming page for Irish in Sydney, growing rapidly every day.

Quite a big list! Our thinking behind it was if there is Irish people living in one of the above areas then why couldn’t they find a page for them useful and they have see below!

See a small selection of images from the pages and people we have helped around Australia below. We have blurred out names for privacy reasons. You can tell that we are not graphic designers lol.

Screenshots from some of our Facebook pages and how we help Irish in Australia

We have thousands of additional messages from Irish we have helped and very excited on the future of these pages.

The blog was set up on the 9th September 2013 and it has been a massive success during the last 12 months, we have written some very useful articles which if you haven’t read we suggest you check out.

What is next for Irish Around Oz?

To date we have had over 470 thousand visitors to our blog and over 1.2 million page views! Quite impressive if we do say so ourselves. This has more than qualified our need for our website as opposed to a Facebook page.

Audience Overview Google Analytics

Visitors to Irish Around Oz We are also excited to announce our jobs page for Irish Around Oz. There is so many posts on each page enquiring about jobs and regional work jobs around Australia and we decided to set up a dedicated page for Irish Jobs Around Oz.

Its been active over a week and already received over 1000 friend requests! There will be a lot more new services coming for this page very soon so stay tuned.

Our next step will be to launch an official accommodation page which will be incorporated with our forum. This will be a great new service helping Irish find accommodation in Australia.

Down the line we will be launching an online shop selling a lot of Irish merchandise that is hard to find over here such as hurleys, GAA gear and much more.

To stay in touch with some of our latest updates and posts please join our mailing list

We hope this article has helped you get a clear understanding of our network and how excited we are to be helping so many Irish in Australia.

If we have helped you in some way please show your gratitude and help us reach even more people by sharing this article on Facebook or any social media.

Thanks from everyone at the Irish Around Oz Network and here is to a very interesting next year!



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