10 Things You Learn About Hostel Life While In Oz

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2015)

Hostel life is a part of most backpackers during their trip to Oz, below are 10 things which I am sure all of you can relate to! :)

  1. As soon as you check in you know the drill. You scurry to locate a bottom bunk.
  2. In hostelworld the bottom bunk is a luxury. If you don’t have one you suss out who is leaving next so that when they check out, you can make a burst for it and make the move. Delighted with yourself, first step you make yourself right at home by making a bottom bunk tent.
  3. A squeeze of shampoo left in the shower is a real find.
  4. Nothing depresses you more when you smell the aromas and see what other people are rustling up in the kitchen as you look at your instant noodles or dollar pasta.
  5. People who stay at hostels love the chats. You go down to make a cup of tea or do some laundry and you find yourself chatting to a randomer for an hour.
  6. You’ve learned how to curse in other languages and you teach foreigners Irish slang ‘What’s the craic?’ is a lot more amusing in an Italian accent.
  7. You love free stuff- free wifi, free food shelf and free brekkie.
  8. In every room there is a snorlax.
  9. You become so used to hostel behaviour. That the couple’s rocking antics in the bed below just sends you off to sleep.
  10. Giving up your right to space and privacy can be annoying but you get to meet so many characters in return and hostel life is never boring.

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