5 Facts You Need To Know About Health Insurance On a 457 Visa

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2016)

Keeping yourself insured in case you become ill or injured while in Australia is a must.

People who are participating in a program that utilises a 457 Visa are responsible for getting their health insurance arrangements in order before arriving in Australia.

Here are five things that you need to know about getting health insurance on a 457 visa before you make your travel arrangements.

Start By Looking In Ireland

Finding an insurer in Ireland may be your best bet when you’re thinking about working in Australia. Consulting with an insurance agent in your home country lets you talk one-on-one about your needs when you’re working abroad. Insurance agents who handle medical coverage for travelers will understand the unique requirements you will face with a 457 visa.

Reciprocal Health Care is Available

Australia does have a reciprocal health care agreement with Ireland, but you should be aware that this agreement only covers hospital stays. Routine medical care and prescriptions are not covered by this agreement, so you will incur these costs if you should require non-emergency care while working in Australia.

You will have to successfully enroll in Medicare when arriving in Australia. Travelers who hold a 457 visa will need alternate coverage until they have finished the enrollment process.

Overseas Visitors Health Cover Covers Your Unique Insurance Needs

Overseas Visitors Health Cover is a unique type of health insurance that is specifically made for people who hold a 457 visa. You can ensure compliance by telling insurance companies that you are going to be living in Australia with a 457 visa.

Health Insurance Is the First Step

You can’t be approved for a 457 visa before you prove that you have health insurance coverage in case you are able to work in Australia. Your insurer should provide you with a letter of certification that must be included in your application for a 457 visa.

It may seem confusing that you need to have coverage for your trip before you even know whether you’ll be allowed to live and work in Australia, but this requirement is essential to the application process.

** It must be noted that due to recent updates it is no longer required to have health insurance. f0r y0ur application but it is strongly advised :)

Your Dependents Need Coverage

You aren’t the only person who needs medical insurance when you’re working abroad. Any dependents who will be living with you in Australia must also carry health insurance coverage. Insurance experts can help guide you through the process of enrolling for health insurance to make sure that everyone who is travelling has the appropriate coverage.


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