Clare’s 457 visa story, how they ended up getting a 3 year ban in Australia

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2015)

We posted a message on our Facebook page yesterday asking people to submit their 457 visa stories to us, we were amazed at the first one that came into us. We wanted to put this and similar articles together to help Irish not only understand what could happen but actually what has happened to other Irish living in Australia.

Below is Clare’s unfortunate story as quoted by her in the message she sent us. We wish her  and her partner all the best in the future.

We got in touch with our migration agent April last year to help us with the 457. From the start the communication was not great and we felt like we were correcting her mistakes all the time. She would never answer emails or phone calls and it was always days..weeks before she would be in contact again. She always said she was busy as she had another job.
7 months in and still no progress we thought about seeking for a new agent but we had already given this woman $3850 and decided we would stick it out a while longer and hopefully we would get some progress.
On the 18th march we got an email “please see the refusal of your application” that’s all we needed! When my partner rang to ask what was the next step and did we have to leave the country, the immigration agent said no and that the email should not have been sent to us as she had lodged a new application and “not to worry it is all looking good”

 On the 26th of May my partner got a text message 12pm at  night saying “I have been advised that you should leave the country and await in Ireland till application is approved” he then rang again and asked what we had to do and how much time we had till we had to leave.

She said we have 2 weeks to leave and we would have to wait in Ireland for up to 4 months until visa is sorted. My partner then asked are we ok going through the airport and did we need any documents to show them. The agent said no you will be fine you have two weeks left.
The next day we were not comfortable with her advice and so rang the immigration office just to make sure we didn’t need anything going through the airport. After giving our passport numbers we were informed that we are unlawful since march and that we should have left the country on the14th of April. The next day we had a meeting with a compliance officer who gave us a bridging visa to leave the country and a 3 year ban from Australia!!! We leave on Tuesday.


My 457 visa application


They currently have another case officer who is going to try to get the three-year ban waived and hopefully get them back into Australia. 

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