My Australian regional work nightmare – Danielle’s story

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2014)

This is the first of one of our articles to help Irish in Australia with their regional work. There is lot of scams out there and people getting not signed off by unhelpful farmers. We want to not only end this but make everyone aware of what is actually happening to people out there.

Just a note we do not have any say in companies mentioned these are quotes as received by email from other Irish in Australia. If you are reading this and you have a similar story please email us at with as much details as possible!

Remember you will be helping other Irish in Australia so it is important that you mail us your stories! :)

Below is Danielle’s story about a what has happened to her, its a nightmare and we hope no one else goes through the same!


I highly urge people to not get lured into going for a regional job through
They advertise a lot on gumtree but they’re an agency specifically for regional work and helping backpackers get their second year visas. However 4 of us went through them and paid a $100 fee for a years access and got a job in Home Hill promising work in a week.
When we arrived we were told 2 weeks wait for work. We’re here over a month and I’ve accumulated 3 days off the 88days you have to do. 2 of our friends have left due to lack of work and lack of help from 2ndyearvisas.
Emailed them and I was told they’d look for other work for my boyfriend and I. That was 2 weeks ago and now they don’t reply.
This has also happened to 3 other people we know who went through them and we met a couple who went through them aswell and were sent to 3 different places and jobs through them and got no work at all after spending a fortune travelling to each of the jobs they got through the agency.
They are the most unhelpful agency and are just a money-making scam. Once you pay that fee then you’re on your own, even though you’ve technically paid for a years membership with them. Don’t go for a job through them!
Danielle Kearney

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