Christmas Messages from Australia To Ireland – By Zeon

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2013)

Zeon A Fairytale in New York cover Christmas message from Australia to Ireland

Screenshot from the music video, Great stuff!


When the band Zeoncontacted us about making a Christmas video to send messages back home, we couldn’t help but share it. They just posted this video and looks great! Some excellent messages back home! :) Also big thanks to Zeon for mentioning us at the start of their video!

Many young Irish people in the past few years made the big move from Ireland to Australia, the land of opportunity, in search of bigger and better things.

The members of Zeon being 3 of these, understand how hard it is to be away from your family at such a time as Christmas.

Zeon recently put a call out to their fellow Irish in Australia to send a Christmas message to their loved ones back home.

Here is Zeon’s Christmas gift to all their fans, it’s a cover of Zeon’s favourite Christmas song, A Fairytale in New York by The Pogues followed by all the Christmas messages.

Find them on Facebook and check out their website

Enjoy! :)

A bit about Zeon:

From the cold and empty streets of Ireland to the hustle and bustle of Melbourne come ZeoN: an indie Irish folk freak-show! ZeoN are well-renowned for their quirky adaptations of popular tunes as well as their Irish-inspired originals such as “I’m Drunk, I’m Skint”. They’ll make you want to stomp your feet, get drunk, dance, laugh, sing or even shed a tear…

ZeoN…coming to a session near you!


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