30 Things That Will Remind You That You Are Irish!

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2013)
  1. Funny Irish Pictures

     The best cure for a hangover is to go drink some more

  2.  You can’t go a day without saying ‘Jaysus’
  3.  Tea is the solution to every problem
  4.  It is common to hear people refer to their moms as Mammy even if they’re grown adults
  5.  We are scared of the wooden spoon
  6.  ‘Now we’re sucking diesel’ means that you are happy with how something turned out
  7.  Saying “I got stuck behind a tractor” is a perfectly good excuse for being late
  8.   It’s not “good” it’s “grand.”
  9.   Rain is a way of life.
  10.   Drunken room-mates is just the beginning
  11.    The idea of leprechauns now makes you roll your eyes.
  12.  When a three mile walk takes you 10 minutes (walking Irish style).
  13.  You can’t walk barefoot anymore, cause the kitchen floor is sticky, or has other hazardous objects on it!
  14.   When seeing someone buy an ice-cream in the middle of January from a petrol station doesn’t seem weird!
  15.  When at least 4 times a week one of you Facebook friends updating their status with “i am totaly hammered”, or “Never drinking again!”, “I should stop drinking”!
  16.  You have to pull a string in the shower to get hot water.
  17.  You have to take a cab home anytime after 11pm.
  18.   You cannot do anything business-related between 12 noon and 1 p.m. because everything is closed for lunch.
  19. You don’t think twice after seeing a speed limit sign that says 120.
  20.   You put a pot on the stove to cook then walk away for 20 minutes and when you return to check on it you realise you forgot to turn the wall switch on.
  21.  Half-nine = nine-thirty.
  22.  You’ve watched your friend, drinking all the way through Rag Week, sit at the table and make a tin foil helmet to protect himself from the “alieums.”
  23.   You were stressing about studying for exams whilst being ‘social’ over a few pints, you often heard the phrase “she’ll be grand” or “it’s grand” and decided feck it, drink now cram l…ater!
  24.   You know that the real off-license of Dublin is Lidl and it’s the place where you buy in BULK.
  25.  You’ve seen hundreds (if not thousands) of people gathered in Cork City Centre just for a Hillbilly’s breast in a bun at 2 a.m.
  26.  Getting a “ride” from someone only has ONE meaning.
  27.   You’ve consumed Tesco brand vodka.
  28.   You know how to properly pronounce “Smithwicks.”
  29.  You celebrate Arthur’s Day and wish it was a holiday worldwide
  30.  You refer to america as “the states”
  31. There is loads more so comment below so we can add them to our article! :)

Also enjoy the video below by the republic of telly! Enjoy, Comment and Share! :)

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