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Your Visa And Oz Guide

Your Visa And Oz Guide September 3, 2013

Our aim is to help the Irish community in Australia. We aim to help connect and make your stay in Australia as easy as it can be. While at the same time connecting the Irish community in Australia

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2013)

Coming to Australia or planning to in the future? This article comprehensively outlines what you need prior to applying or

Both Work Visa and Working Holiday Visas are growing in popularity amongst Ireland’s 20- and 30- year old’s looking for work overseas.

More skilled professionals applying for Working Holiday Visas

At the moment the Gender split is pretty equal at 50:50 and the average age for an Irish working holiday maker is 24-25. However, we also saw an increase in the percentage of skilled professionals applying for this visa as a means of getting in the door to particular country of choice. A quick Google  for “Working Holiday Australia” you will find hundred of pages with very useful information on obtaining a visa.


Where to land you ask?

Perth is one of the main stop overs for Irish when they first come here. It is a lot more layed back and has a very relaxing vibe about it. However if you think you can just come here and get a job after a few days you would be wrong. The average Irishman who comes direct to Perth finds it can easily take 4 – 6 weeks to obtain a job and sometimes even longer.





However when arriving in Melbourne or Sydney this number dropped to 2 – 3 weeks. Now I am not saying you should avoid Perth, it is a fantastic place to visit and live. Just make sure your savings will be enough to cover yourself for at least 2 months. Western Australia(Perth) is a great destination to consider for a working holiday with employment opportunities available in various destinations throughout the State.

Take your pick from office based opportunities in the capital city of Perth to harvesting grapes in the Margaret River Wine region in Australia’s South West or driving a haul pack truck in the mines in Australia’s North West.

As a typical traveller with a typical job (e.g. farm work, bar/waitress work) you can expect to earn somewhere between AU$600 and AU$800 per week. Bear in mind that you will be taxed on this, usually somewhere between 15 & 25% even up to 31% in some situations. This means at the end of the week the average backpacker will end up with AU$500 to AU$600 in their account each week. There is of course some exceptions were you could be earning considerably more but typically you get payed a fixed rate per day

Each job has different accommodation and food arrangements and therefore you will have varying daily costs. However, as an indication, travellers could budget on a cost of $10 – $30 a day whilst working.

If you are staying in or near the city, expect to spend about $120 – $150 on accommodation at an average hostel. Make sure your CV is up-to-date, sells your skills and achievements to make it really stand out from the crowd. Australian’s tend to layout there CV’s quite differently to ours, furthermore there’s tend to be 3-4 pages and are referred to as resumes’s(Yes its true).

So now you have your food and accommodation sorted, what about transport to work each day? Ideally, you would work within walking distance of your workplace so transport will not be an issue. If you worked and lived on a farm this would be the case! If not, you would need to get public transport to work unless you bought a car.
The cost of public transport varies depending on the distance you travel. If you do need to travel to work each day then set aside about $15 per week as a rule of thumb.

The Visa 

The 457 visa is a temporary working visa that is popular amongst Irish travellers but its popularity is now waning due to changes. These changes are imposed on the Australian employer and are intended to encourage them to further exhaust the local labour market before considering non-nationals. Employers will now need to evidence that they have tried to look locally before being approved to sponsor overseas nationals. A positive change is that 457 visa holders now have 90 days (it was previously 28 days) to find a new sponsor should their existing employment cease, this allows foreign workers sufficient time to find a new sponsors while remaining in the country. Which is defiantly good news for us!






To summarize,

The main things you need to know about your Australian visa are:

  • Would-be travellers can apply for working holiday visas, which are very different to 457 visas, because you don’t need an employer to sponsor you and there are no minimum salary restrictions with supply and demand determining the rate paid
  • You can only work six months with any one employer so make sure to apply for a youth 457 temporary sponsorship or make a permanent residency application in well in advance of this six month timeline. If you work beyond the six months it could negatively affect further visa applications
  • Families are not permitted on this visa but if you enter on a working holiday visa and get sponsored or granted permanent residency, family members can be added to the longer stay visa
  • Work can be more difficult to get in professional jobs as six months is not seen as a long contract for any employer, so if you are eligible for permanent residency it would be wise to take that option as there is a much better chance of getting interview and jobs placements as a permanent resident

 Also if you are looking for Farm Work be sure to check out WWOF, you should pick up something.

We will keep you posted on any new job notifications in our farm work jobs  section on our main website.

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Our aim is to help the Irish community in Australia. We aim to help connect and make your stay in Australia as easy as it can be. While at the same time connecting the Irish community in Australia